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Working title: ed. Linz

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total time: 33 minutes

Performed by Jacek Doroszenko: electronics, field recordings, sampling, prepared grand piano, turntables, sound objects.

Recorded in Vienna and Linz during the Artist-in-Residence program at Atelierhaus Salzamt in Linz, AU. Additional recordings: Quality Studio in Warsaw, PL.

Jacek Doroszenko and Ewa Doroszenko - exhibition view, Petrohradska Kolektiv, Prague CZ / 10

Visual concepts for the album / graphics by Ewa Doroszenko

Artist statement

The core of my practice is to treat sound phenomena as the legitimate material of a field of visual art and highlight listening as a practice. In everyday life, most of sound goes unnoticed because we are really not listening to it. Listening begins when we become conscious of sound and focus on this sense. My practice engages with the contemporary soundscape to select and rephrase the notion of noise as the unwanted element. I use a wide array of processes including installation, field recording, video, music score concepts and drawing, depending on context. I use the audible sphere to manipulate attention of viewers and listeners, challenging their preconceptions.

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