Soundreaming Linz / working title

Album concept by Jacek Doroszenko

Inspired by location, experience, and memory and motivated by the inversion of the traditional roles of photography and sound in the media and art worlds, “Soundreaming” emphasizes the importance of the acoustic environment on our memory and perception of place. Soundscapes replace photography as the dominant documentary element at the core of the artistic practice. The visual representation is directly inspired by the audio documentation of the locations featured in the archive. Moreover, this technique allows for the transparency of environmental sound to shape the audience’s perception of the artwork and in turn, allows the visual component of the composition more freedom to express itself.

Composed and recorded in the frame of Artist-in-Residence at Salzamt, Linz. Mixed at Linz and Warsaw.

Music by Jacek Doroszenko
Artworks by Ewa Doroszenko

Selected visual representations

Audiovisual experiments in contemporary art date back to neo-avant-garde activities of the 1960s and 1970s. The dynamic relationships between visual artists and musicians, the interdisciplinary nature of the new media that began to appear at that time, and activities in the field of happening and performance gave rise to creative practices that permanently situated sound in the context of experimental artistic phenomena. Using a wide range of tools and techniques, Ewa and Jacek Doroszenko focus on the role of the sense of hearing in the process of experiencing space. They pay special attention to the soundscape – a layer of reality that surrounds us, which is usually treated only as a background or complement to the visible sphere. The Doroszenkos try to reverse this perspective and treat sound, not image, as the main carrier of meanings and content.