Jacek Doroszenko - Soundreaming, detail 4


Interactive presentation | co-artist: Ewa Doroszenko | 2014

Soundreaming is an interactive Internet presentation, that takes the form of an audio-visual archive of locations around Barcelona. This website documents our site-specific compositions and sound impressions. When traveling, most people take photographs and use them to communicate a sense of what the experience of being in that place might have been like. However, the acoustic environment can provide a tremendous amount of the sense of place and feeling of a location in a different way than photographs. In our artistic practice soundscapes replace photographs. Recording the dreams and both natural and human-designed sounds during the expedition, we created sound compositions derived from this material. Sound installations are complemented with a unique electronic audio composition, mixed with sounds recorded in Barcelona and lo-fi music. Selected music track below.

The project has been produced in a framework of an Artist-in-Residence Program at Fundació AAVC Hangar in Barcelona, Spain, in 2014.

Jacek Doroszenko - Soundreaming, website detail
Jacek Doroszenko - Soundreaming, detail 2
Jacek Doroszenko - Soundreaming, website
Jacek Doroszenko - Soundreaming, detail 3
Jacek Doroszenko - Soundreaming, website detail 1