Music albums

Jacek Doroszenko, Infinite Values - music album, 10” lathe cut, Time Released Sound, 2020

Infinite Values

Deluxe, double 10” lathe cut vinyl
CD digipack, digital | total: 48:00
Time Released Sound, California, USA | 2020

Composed and performed by Jacek Doroszenko – grand and prepared piano, digital pianos, electronics, field recordings, various instruments and sound objects. Recorded at The Quality Studio, Warsaw PL. Additional recordings produced in framework of Artist-in-Residence programs: Kustnarhusset Messen in Ålvik NO, The Island – Resignified in Lefkada GR and Atelierhaus Salzamt in Linz AU.

LP cover design by Colin Herrick
CD cover design by Pineum
Additional artwork by Ewa Doroszenko

Disc 1
[01] Transparent discourse
[02] Translating calculations
[03] Translating problems
[04] 2046 empty seats
[05] Unsuitable theory
[06] Aperture
[07] External island

Disc 2

[08] Core and crust
[09] Treatment manual
[10] Counterpart
[11] Movement 2
[12] Extension of poetry
Mammoth Ulthana - Āmurs


as Mammoth Ulthana / with Rafał Kołacki
CD album | total: 55:00
MCK Bydgoszcz, PL | 2018

In the ‘Āmurs’ project, the authors emphasize not only the existence and character of the industrial system itself but primarily the role of individual workers — those who brought the whole system into existence. The project is a part of the industrial festival TehoFest 2018 organized by the Municipal Centre of Culture in Bydgoszcz. It is comprised of three areas: a sound installation presented in the form of an exhibition, an audio-visual concert, and a music album.

[01] Urbis
[02] Āmurs
[03] Idrk
[04] Minus
[05] Forge
[06] Flora
[07] Achten
[08] Bemerkung
[09] Mass
Eilean Records 31 / Jacek Doroszenko - Wide Grey

Wide Grey

CD digisleeve, digital | total: 51:28
Eilean Records, FR | 2017
Artwork: Ewa Doroszenko
Mastering: Lawrence English

The release contains a set of compositions created during Artist-in-Residence programs in Norway and Greece. Using field recordings as the basis for further musical compositions, the artist reveals the power of sound combination and the natural potential of a given place. Seemingly unnecessary sound events are treated here as key elements, revealing a massive landscape of possible progressions.

[01] Iðavöllr
[02] Vague obtrusion
[03] Stream
[04] Glue
[05] Be right back
[06] Ålvik
[07] Achromatic Component
[08] Dense
[09] Resochords
Jacek Doroszenko - Soundreaming album, Audiobulb 2017 - digipak


CD digipak, digital, streaming | total: 48:00
Audiobulb Records, UK | 2017

The Soundreaming album by Jacek Doroszenko contains a selection of compositions from the audio-visual project with the same title. In the project, soundscapes replace photography as the dominant documentary element at the core of the artistic practice. The project has been produced through a framework of the Artist-in-Residence program at Hangar in Barcelona, Spain. Additional recordings: Quality Studio in Warsaw. Composed, performed, and produced by Jacek Doroszenko / electronics, field recordings, sampling, prepared piano, turntables, toys, random audible objects.

[01] Aberrationmaker
[02] Fiestamachine
[03] Gothic Passage
[04] MACBA Skaters
[05] Passion Passion
[06] Silent Souvenirs
[07] Urban Folk
[08] Borderstatic
[09] Gone and Faded
[10] HDD Ensemble
Jacek Doroszenko - Useful Remnants 21

Useful Remnants

cassette tape release with original drawings
total: 60:00 | 2016

This music concept album touches on a subject of seemingly useless belongings which are becoming valuable when has to be suddenly left. Field recordings and musical compositions for this project have been produced in a framework of the Artist-in-Residence programs at Kunstnarhuset Messen in Ålvik, Norway, and Atelierhaus Salzamt in Linz, Austria. The album was released in a strictly limited edition. Every piece is packaged in a different transparent case, containing the cassette tape, handmade cover, and drawings set made on transparent foil and expired photographic paper.

[01] Silent Souvenirs
[02] Gone & Fade
[03] Ålvik
[04] Alte Welt
[05] Polyphonic Body
[06] Gleu
[07] Muy Poco
[08] Resentiment
Jacek Doroszenko - Mammoth Ulthana - Particular Factors - 1

Particular Factors

as Mammoth Ulthana / with Rafał Kołacki
LP+ CD album | total: 67:00 | Zoharum rec 2016

Jacek Doroszenko & Rafał Kołacki as Mammoth Ulthana continue the path traversed on the duo’s debut album. Music on the album is based on the juxtaposition of organic and computer-generated sounds. This time the bigger focus has been placed on the diversity of sound, vibrating rhythms, and performative approach to the recording process.

[01] Antiphase
[02] Throat
[03] UV Garden
[04] Basilisk
[05] Carbon
[06] Sove
[07] Saurr
[08] Baldr
[09] Tombs
[10] Estate
[11] Ratatosk
Jacek Doroszenko and Rafał Kołacki - Mammoth Ulthana

Mammoth Ulthana

as Mammoth Ulthana / with Rafał Kołacki
CD album | total: 67:47 | Zoharum rec 2013

Mammoth Ulthana is a sound-concept project based on a combination of traditional acoustic instruments, such as an oriental gong set, bells, animal horns, pipes, ethnic drums, or singing bowls, with various sounds generated by computer software. This blend creates a sort of unique and intense musical space build on a strong basis and filled with many unforeseen sound events. The main objective of this project is the mutual interpenetration of two acoustic and electronic sound worlds.

[01] Prelude
[02] Ballade
[03] Impromptu
[04] Mine
[05] Interludium
[06] Hybrid
[07] Path
[08] Nocturne
Jacek Doroszenko - Nocturnes Online

Nocturnes Online

in frame of Scholarship of the City of Torun
CD album, digipack | total: 67:00 | 2011

The Nocturnes Online album is a suite of musical compositions that freely refers to the traditional form of the nocturne. The compositions are based on a certain interpretation key: the album is composed using the analysis of the nocturnal movements of web users who never sleep. Here, on the network night does not exist. In this context, the term nocturne turns into an entirely different meaning.

[01] Starving
[02] Pause
[03] Entering
[04] Freeze
[05] Mana Runners
[06] Interlude (with Rafał Kołacki)
[07] Drop (Shodan)
[08] Artificial Home
[09] Connections
[10] Museum
[11] Calm Trees
[12] 12th level (with Marcin Sipiora)
[13] 13th level
[14] Collision


Exhibition #100

Audiobulb Records, UK | 2020
Digital release

In September 2020 the exploratory music label Audiobulb Records reaches 100 releases. To celebrate we will be releasing one single per day for 35 days. Each single is a unique art piece from artists’ past and present as well as friends of the label. We consider it a great privilege to work with these artists. Creativity comes forth in such subtle, beautiful, and at times unsettling forms.

♬ Track 12.09.20: Jacek Doroszenko – Antropomorph <> Gudrun

eilean 100

Eilean Records, FR | 2019
Outside: metal box (17cm x 13 cm x 2 cm) / Inside: glossy color A3 recto-verso poster: 42 cm-21 cm / 2 stickers / Edition: sealed & hand numbered / x 5 CD

This is the final eilean rec. release which close the map and the project with all the music artists involved since the beginning, during 5 years.

♬ Track: Jacek Doroszenko – Frontiers

eilean 58

Eilean Records, FR | 2017
Limited Special Edition metal box+poster recto-verso, sealed and numbered, CD

The final release to close 2017. All the Eilean Rec music artists involved this year.

♬ Track: Jacek Doroszenko – Ignorance

Artist’s statement

Jacek Doroszenko is an audiovisual artist living in Warsaw, Poland. His artistic activity includes mainly multimedia art, as well as music and audio phenomena. The core of his activity is treating sound phenomena as legitimate material in the field of visual art and emphasizing the value of listening as a practice. In everyday life, most of the sound goes unnoticed because we do not really listen to it. Listening begins when we become sound conscious and focus on this sense. The artist uses a wide range of processes, including sound installations, field recordings, video, music score concepts, depending on the context. His practice focuses on using the contemporary sound landscape to select and redefine the notion of noise and malfunction as an undesirable factor.

Sonic activities

Jacek Doroszenko – audiovisual artist
Jacek Doroszenko - live at Kolonia Artystów
Jacek Doroszenko at Propaganda Gallery / Solina organ recording session
Jacek Doroszenko - Artist-in-Residence / sound emission in Klaipeda
Jacek Doroszenko - recording session
Jacek Doroszenko - live at Kolonia Artystów, 2017
Jacek Doroszenko - live at Kasia Michalski Gallery, The Drawers, 2015
Jacek Doroszenko and Rafał Kołacki - Amurs FOD 09
Jacek Doroszenko – Metascore, video scene
Ewa and Jacek Doroszenko - Polyphonic body, Kolonia Artystów 03