Eilean Records 31 / Jacek Doroszenko - Wide Grey

Wide Grey

CD album release | Eilean rec | 2017

The first artist’s release on Eilean Records contains a suite of compositions produced during Artist-in-Residence programs in Norway and Greece. Using field recording as the basis for further musical compositions, artist reveals the power of audible juxtaposition and natural potential of a certain place. Ostensibly unnecessary sound events are treated here as the key components, revealing massive landscape of possible progressions.

Composed and performed by Jacek Doroszenko – electronics, prepared & grand piano, field recordings, electric & acoustic guitar, bells, gates, toys, random objects.

Recorded at The Quality Studio and artist’s studio, Warsaw PL, 2016-2017. Field recordings and compositional basis have been produced during Artist-in-Residence program at Kunstnarhuset Messen in Ålvik, Norway and The Island-Resignified in Lefkada, Greece.

Artwork by: Ewa Doroszenko
Mastered by: Lawrence English
Inside Photography by Mathias Van Eecloo
Design by Rémi Verdier

Eilean Records 31 / Jacek Doroszenko - Wide Grey CD
Eilean Records 31 / Jacek Doroszenko - Wide Grey